Based in Auburn, Illinois, Springfield Plastics, Inc. is a Midwest manufacturer that has created plastic pipe solutions for the agricultural, residential/building, commercial and highway markets since 1978. Springfield Plastics, Inc. is the only U.S. manufacturer certified to use only 100% virgin resin in all products. Virgin resin provides peace of mind through the highest quality and consistency available in today's drainage market.

Springfield Plastics, Inc. was started in 1978 by a group of local investors headed by Roy Baker, Wayne Baker and Glen Brandt. This group purchased the assets of a previous company with the same name from the bankruptcy court.

Wayne Baker who was a drainage contractor at the time was placed in charge of day-to-day operations. Wayne's background from agricultural drainage insisted that the company produce products that would stand up to the demanding farm drainage market. His experience from the early days of plastic drainage pipe also reinforced that the products be consistent from day to day. Roy, who had extensive investment experience, and Glen, who was the President of Brandt Fertilizer & Chemical, also assisted in the management of the new company. Steve Baker, Wayne's son and a CPA, was brought in to handle the finances for the company.

Wayne Baker retired in 1997 and Steve Baker took over the operations. The company has grown to become a leading Midwest manufacturer of corrugated plastic drainage pipe. In 2000, the company became the only U.S. manufacturer certified as using only 100% virgin material. Springfield Plastics, Inc. is proud to offer plastic pipe solutions for the agricultural, residential, commercial and highway markets.

Why Springfield Plastics, Inc.?
Our goal is a quality drainage system for our customers. We only use 100% virgin materials and the highest quality standards in the production of our drainage pipe in order to meet this goal.

We also take great pride in our service. Our knowledgeable and trained staff is located in house to better serve you and your needs. Our customer service personnel will do whatever it takes to make the ordering process as simple as possible. They make every effort to know our customers and their individual needs and preferences. If technical assistance is needed, it is only a phone call away.

We have our own fleet of trucks and trailers and believe that deliveries should be accurate and on time. After all, schedules not suitable to the customer only lead to inefficiency.

Quality Commitment
We take our commitment to providing quality drainage products very seriously. Part of this commitment is requiring the use of only 100% virgin materials in all of our drainage pipe and accessories. By requiring this, we provide peace of mind to our customers, as they know they are receiving the highest quality and consistency available in today's drainage market.

We believe in this commitment to quality so strongly that an independent accountant was hired to audit and certify that we purchase and use 100% virgin materials in the manufacturing of our plastic drainage pipe and accessories. You can view this certification here.

Past users of Springfield Plastics, Inc.'s plastic drainage pipe have always known of our commitment to quality and we thank you for your demands to provide it. If you've never used Springfield Plastics, Inc.'s drainage pipe, we welcome the opportunity to prove ourselves!