May 2017
It is with great honor that Springfield Plastics, Inc. (SPI) has received certification verifying the company’s use of only 100% virgin resin in the manufacturing of its drainage pipe. This is SPI’s 17th consecutive year receiving the certification. SPI remains the only U.S. company to receive certification for use of 100% virgin resin in drainage pipe. (Read More)
Springfield Plastics Receives Certificate of Compliance from 2017 National Transportation Product Evaluation Program Audit
February 2017
Springfield Plastics, Inc. received their Certificate of Compliance for the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP). The audit organized by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) certifies that Springfield Plastics has met all AASHTO’s requirements for their Thermoplastic Pipe. (Read More)
Springfield Plastics now offers a 4" tap tee that has revolutionized the process of connecting sub mains and laterals to the agriculture main, thereby saving time and money.(Watch the video) (Read More)
Research Substantiates that Saturated Buffers at Field Scale do Reduce Nitrates from Subsurface Field Drainage Systems
July 13, 2016
With many of the row-crop agriculture fields in the Midwest being located adjacent to ditches, streams, rivers and lakes, it is no surprise that nutrient transport from agriculture lands is a major concern. The attached press release outlines the results from a study supported by the United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Farm Service Agency, in which the project collaborators sought to demonstrate and evaluate the effectiveness of a new conservation practice commonly referred to as a Saturated Buffer (SB). The data from this study confirms that, when proper site conditions and design considerations are met, the SB practice can be an effective method for reducing nitrate transport from subsurface drainage systems. (Read More)
Saturated Buffer on Display: New system can help farmers achieve goals to reduce farm field nutrient loss.
October 2016
Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) created a Nutrient Stewardship Grant Program for county Farm Bureaus to work on soil health, water quality or nutrient-related projects. Knox County Farm Bureau, in cooperation with their local Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) office, received grant funding to install a saturated buffer. It was installed by Springfield Plastics and shown to farmers and other professionals on October 12th. The Illinois Council on Best Management Practices promotes methods like saturated buffers, as farmers implement practices relative to the Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy. (Read More)
Greenley Field Day - August 8th
August 8, 2017
The Greenley Field Day is Tuesday, August 8th. It will be held at the MU Grace Greenley Farm and demonstrate sustainable water management practices, including terracing, sub irrigation tile, buffers and a bioreactor.
Farm Progress 2017
August 29-31, 2017
Don't miss the nation's largest outdoor farm show! And most importantly, don't forget to stop by Springfield Plastics booth at Lot 409! (Learn More)