We offer heavy-duty bar guards from Vice Brothers. This guard is produced from cast aluminum with a bronze hinge. It is not susceptible to rust or corrosion and offers the landowner the best possible protection from rodents. Also available from Vice Brothers are backwater flood valves. This valve is a flap gate style, which is produced from heavy-duty cast aluminum. It serves two purposes: first, preventing rodents from going into the drain line and second, preventing back flow into the drain line from high stream flows.
  • Back Water Flood Valves
  • Bar Guards
No one can install a drainage system without the necessary supplies. Springfield Plastics, Inc. offers a complete line of supplies that are needed to properly install a drainage system. They include tile tape, tile probes, tile flags, tile cutters and plastic ties. Polyethylene anti-seep plates are also available to prevent ditch line flows from eroding the backfill. The company also stocks flared end sections, which helps stabilize ditches from culvert outflows.
  • Anti-Seep
  • Tile Cutters
  • Tile Tape
  • Flared End Sections
  • Tile Flags
  • Plastic Ties
  • Tile Probes
Riser inlets from Precision Intakes are available in 6" through 10" diameters. These risers are the most user-friendly risers in the drainage market today. 12" risers and heavy duty trash guards are also available.
  • Riser Inlets
  • Trash Guards
  • Terrace Riser Pipes
Vice Brothers low cones, flat grates and surface inlets manufactured from rust resistant cast aluminum and Tuf-Tite drop boxes provide the landowner with several options to drain areas of standing water both outdoors and indoors. Tuf-Tite area drains are also available for indoor use to drain low spots.
  • Flat Grates
  • Tuf-Tite Area Drains
  • Low Cones
  • Tuf-Tite Drop Boxes
  • Surface Inlets
The company stocks 4" through 15" SDR 35 sewer pipe and fittings up to 8" in diameter. This pipe is used for drainage outlets, culverts, storm drains and some sanitary sewers. The pipe comes with a rubber gasket formed into a bell end.
The company produces the most versatile user-friendly sump in the industry. This sump has been designed with several easy cutting options to allow the installer to adjust the height of the sump to fit the conditions. The sump also comes with a child resistant lid that snaps on easily, but is very difficult for a child to remove. A 5" extension is also available when the units need extended length.
  • Sump
  • Sump Pit/Child Resistant Lids
Springfield Plastics, Inc. also stocks lay flat geotextile fabrics. These fabrics are NRCS approved and are great for silt checks, block chutes, waterways, driveways and pond stabilization. The contractor can order exactly what he needs and have it added on to his pipe order.
  • Block Chutes
  • Geotextile Fabrics
  • Pond Stabilization