The gravel-less leachfield system (GLS) uses large diameter (8" and 10") corrugated pipe manufactured from high quality, high-density polyethylene.

Holes are drilled in the valleys of the corrugations and the entire plastic pipe is encased in polyester filter fabric. This filter fabric serves the system by wicking effluent around the circumference of the pipe for further treatment.

The native soil is used for backfilling, eliminating the need for gravel. The gravel-less leachfield system serves the disposal system in two important functions. First, the system is a conveyance and storage system for the septic tank effluent and second; the system acts as a secondary treatment process to the effluent.

The large diameter plastic pipe provides storage capacity and carries the effluent to the soil. The plastic pipe also provides better oxygen transfer capabilities due to the larger surface area of effluent and increased oxygen content present. The holes, located 60 degrees off the bottom of the center, create a settling basin for the organic solids carryover from the septic tank. The solids are then further stabilized by bacterial action producing a quality effluent from the gravel-less pipe and reducing the organic load on the soil.

GLS Pipe Product Details
Diameter (in inches): 8, 10
Lengths: 10', 20' sections
Perforation Type: Drilled
Coupler Style: Split, Snap
Technical Data: Technical Data Sheet
Installation Guide
Application: Residential